This month concluded the end of a 13 week public display of my most ambitious photography project yet:  a 12" micrograph print series mounted on hand-carved wooden frames from a reclaimed maple branch.

 In order to slice the 130lb log I purchased an antique two-man 5' crosscut saw off of craigslist, and worked at it gradually with various friends until I had 17 flat ring disks, which I then hollowed out using a drill and rotary tools.

The project is meant to be a meditation on the tree of life, suggesting both the diversity and unity of forms on its branches, cut up into single frame slices of time.

Here's a video I produced documenting the various stages of the project: 


I'm hoping to make more of these frames in the future, if I can get the proper tools!

  For now, I'll just focus on taking more pictures...